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islander n : an inhabitant of an island [syn: island-dweller]

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  1. A person who lives on an island.

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person who lives on an island

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The Islander was the 34-foot yawl that Harry Pidgeon sailed around the world single-handed, becoming the second person to do so after Joshua Slocum.
The yawl was built along the lines of Sea Bird, a 25' V-bottom boat designed by Captain Thomas Fleming Day. Pidgeon built her from 1917 - 1918 using only $1,000 of materials. She was built mostly from oak, Douglas fir, and Oregon pine. Writing about his voyage later, Pidgeon commented that the Islander "proved to sail well, and all remarked on the ease with which she handled."
Length : 34' Beam : 10' 9" Draw : 5'
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